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DIY Crystal Chandelier

This stunning faux crystal chandelier was inspired by a run of the mill hose clamp can you believe! The Honeycomb Home Team really are a creative bunch to come up this DIY project from such a simple Home Depot item and even more exciting they share with us how they did it so we can make one too.


This project was inspired by a simple Hose Clamp from Home Depot.


To find out more head over to The Honeycomb Home Team.

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Best Crystal Chandelier

Monday 30th of January 2017

Yeh! I have lovely crystals saved from a hall light fixture. They were going to be ornaments on my Christmas tree, but after seeing this I’m all for making a chandelier for my walk in closet. Now to find a pretty-shaped lamp frame…. Love this idea!!! You have a great site.

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