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Crazy Simple Pottery Barn Chaise Hack

Do you ever want a piece of furniture but you just can’t justify the expense? Okay yeah we feel that every day too. Why can’t we all have four beautiful dining tables and nine oh-so-comfy reclining chairs in our home? Laura from Not a Trophy Wife feels this just like the rest of us, and when she was thumbing through the Pottery Barn catalog she came across a gorgeous backyard chaise that she just had to have. So luxurious and yet so functional! Well, Laura already had two chaises in her backyard, so instead of splurging on one oversized Pottery Barn chaise, she simply plunked her two chaises together for a look that is totally Pottery Barn chic with way more functionality.

This is the Pottery Barn swoon-worthy chaise

And this is Laura’s clever for-free DIY solution.

Nice work, Laura. Head on over to Not a Trophy Wife to see more clever DIYs.

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