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25+ Mesmerizing Cherry Blossom Watercolor Paintings

Watercolor cherry blossom hdr

Known as ‘sakura‘ in Japanese, cherry blossoms are a symbol of spring. These blooms are Japan’s national flower and symbolize renewal and hope.

In 1912, Japan gifted 3,020 cherry blossoms trees to the United States as a gesture of goodwill and friendship. The trees were planted in Sakura, Manhattan.

To this day, each spring brings the rebirth of cherry blossoms with the celebration of friendship between the two countries along with the celebratory National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C.

And get this:

Did you know that you can get arrested for breaking off a blossom? Yes!

Plucking out a branch or blossom is considered vandalism of federal property in Washington D.C., leading to an arrest.

So, watch these beauties from afar and admire nature’s work at its finest. 

And it’s no doubt that their spectacular appearance translates well to watercolor on paper. This one subject that can provide us with some simply stunning artwork.

Let’s have a look at these mesmerizing and incredible watercolor paintings of cherry blossoms. It’s time to enjoy their artistic nature on a whole other level! 

Our Watercolor Cherry Blossom List: Blooming Works of Art 

cherry blossom pink blue pink

Popping through the dusty pinks and whites, this branch of cherry blossoms gives us a sense of hope with its magical presence. 

cherry blossom pink

The pink color is highly associated with cherry blossoms and it is also the most commonly found color of the cherry blossoms themselves. 

This painting neatly highlights the dark and light shades of cherry tree blooms while maintaining a balance in the painting.

cherry blossom pink blue

With the serene blue sky as the backdrop and a branch of cherry blossoms hovering above the paper – this painting gives the viewer a feeling of enjoying a picnic under magnificent cherry trees on a relaxing sunny day.

cherry blossom pink brown red

What an utterly refreshing sight! The striking red and pink work together in a harmonious fashion.

The artistic technique gives the viewer a 3D effect by layering two branches; one in the forefront and one nearly shadowlike as a silhouette in the background.

cherry blossom pink brunch

 This one says ‘April is here’, and it is the season of bloom. Did you know that cherry blossom’s peak bloom season is around the 4th of April? Interesting, right?

This tree branch appears to be in full bloom with white flowers spotted with soft hues of pink against a pastel blue background. 

cherry blossom pink brunch white

This watercolor almost looks like an abstract piece of art, doesn’t it? 

The artistic technique fuses a nature watercolor painting with abstract forms adding a new twist in the painting.

cherry blossom pink green

A calm watercolor that makes the viewer feel at peace and tranquility.

The artistic approach of soft colors and light brushstrokes truly brings out the real essence of our subject of the hour. 

What an example of a  wondrous work of art to be placed in your bedroom for a relaxing view.

cherry blossom pink blue white

Head out for a walk in Sakura Park, Manhattan, and you’ll find yourself under this majestic view.

This artistic technique of small and delicate brushstrokes brings out the intricate details of the flower petals.

cherry blossom pink green purple

This piece uses a defining feature that makes the background appear like water.

The branch of cherry blossom hangs over it and we see its reflection on the water while the round brushstrokes create an effect of ripples on the surface of water.

cherry blossom pink green white

Look at the details of the flowers. Soft and subtle yet, still so eye-catching to any observer.

We can just see a pollinator like a hummingbird coming up to take a drink of this artistic sweetness.

cherry blossom pink jar

Three branches of red-colored buds and pink flowers placed in a soft pink vase. 

After a tiring day at work or running a family, this sophisticated piece of art becomes a safe haven for the viewer.

cherry blossom black pink blue

Unlike what we have been seeing before, this painting is deep and bold. The artistic manner of incorporating the critical dark and soft colors together makes an impact.

The white and pink petals stand out through the dark gray background fused with hints of purple.

cherry blossom pink purple

Looks like pure bliss, doesn’t it?

The tropical pink bud and the pastel pink flower create a rhythmic balance with one another, producing a composed painting.

cherry blossom pink red

Subtle use of outlining has been applied in this rendition with careful use of small details for the flowers.

Through this unusual artistic approach, it almost looks like a Japanese painting. How fitting!

cherry blossom pink solid pink

A picturesque view. You can stare at it for hours. Simple remarkability.

There’s an element of softness to this painting –  a sense of calm and peace. 

cherry blossom pink tree

A view up the violet sky and the happily flourishing branch of new cherry tree blossoms coordinates so wonderfully.

cherry blossom pink yellow jar

An orange-yellow vase that looks like autumn, filled with blooming branches of cherry blossoms – bringing a contrasting quality to the painting.

Red buds that haven’t opened yet give us that warm-toned harmony with the container’s color.

cherry blossom pink white golden

Two rings placed next to a branch of cherry blossoms – a symbol of renewal.

Incorporating yellow is a bold way to add freshness and zing to the painting.

cherry blossom pink white green

A scenic play between the white and purples along with shades and shadows.

Notice how the olive-green leaves add a dramatic touch to the painting?

cherry blossom pink white pink

A soft play between a pastel blue and multiple tints of pink.

The flowers dance with joy in the blooming season, full of color and hope.

cherry blossom purple pink white

This painting comes with a unique photographic feature to it as the backdrop.

The darker branch of cherry blossoms softly merge in from the edges and yet, remain distinct.

cherry blossom pink white

The splattered paint technique here truly sets this piece of art apart.

Pink paint blots enhance the overall look of the painting while adding a texture to it.

cherry blossom pink wooden blue

The artistic approach defines a minimal composition with ample breathing space for the viewer. 

The cherry blossoms enter the canvas from the left and add an element of suspense to the painting.

cherry blossom pink yelow bunch

Each flower petal of the branch holds its own distinctive identity in this watercolor painting.

The careful use of shades and shadows adds a 3-dimensional touch to the flowers that makes you want to reach out touch them.


We certainly feel fresh and joyful after looking at these mesmerizing watercolor paintings of cherry blossoms.

Nature has made them with precise beauty and delicacy. Similarly, the artistic approach used for these sensational watercolor paintings surely recorded that element.

Another fun fact coming your way. Did you know that the flower petals and leaves of cherry blossoms are edible? Yes!

They are used to make teas, cocktails, cookies, and even candies. In 2016, Baskin Robbins Japan also released a limited edition cherry blossom ice cream flavor.

And here, we’ve explored the many flavors that cherry blossom watercolor art has to offer. They are truly a divine gift of nature in real live and on paper.

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