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Burlap Message Board

Ballard’s burlap message board has gotten a lot of knock-off love throughout the blogosphere.

Considering all the renditions I have seen of the popular board, I can’t help but be a little surprised when I come across a new take on it.

Mel from {Frantz} Featherings created a spot-on copycat by attaching corkboard to a canvas and then wrapping it with burlap.

While Mel says the canvas is a pricier alternative to foam core, it really helped her achieve the look she was after.

DIY burlap message board - Ballard Designs inspired

Mel was inspired by the Burlap Message Board from Ballard Designs.

Follow Mel’s tutorial at {Frantz} Featherings.

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kim j

Thursday 23rd of May 2013

I like Mel's version better, she uses more nail heads. In fact I purchased 3 different sizes of canvas at goodwill very cheap, I know what I'm going to make. Thanks for the inspiration Mel!


Friday 24th of May 2013

Gotta love Goodwill! Good luck with your canvases. :)


Wednesday 22nd of May 2013

I love all the message boards I see from Ballards. I am amazed how much they cost! I really like this one and am inspired to make one for myself. Thanks


Thursday 23rd of May 2013

Mel's version definitely is a ringer!

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