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Blanket Ladder with Wire Baskets


When Kaily from Blue Sage Designs’ husband asked what she wanted for Christmas last year, the answer was simple – power tools!

Kaily knew she wanted to start building things and has been putting them to use almost daily.

One of the items she built for her home is this darling wood ladder with wire baskets. I love how the baskets make the ladder function like a shelf, yet the rungs are perfect for hanging blankets.

Would you believe the whole thing cost less than $20 WITH the baskets? LOVE!

DIY Home Decor ~ Blanke Ladder with Wire Baskets

Kaily was inspired by this Ladder with Wire Baskets available through A Cottage in the City.

Ladder with Wire Baskets

Go to Blue Sage Designs for all the details.

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Betty Smith

Sunday 8th of May 2016

I had he same problem and couldn't sacrifice my antique ladder. I put a 'stabilizing dowel' made of wood through a slot in the wire basket. The wood piece needs to be long enough to rest against the sides of the ladder and will lock it in place so no more swinging.

Styling our Blanket Ladder – Duffy Industrial Home Decor

Sunday 24th of April 2016

[…] Even though Christmas isn’t for another 8 months, this is my favorite way to incorporate our blank ladder into your home. It’s so festive! Check out Lucy’s holiday home tour here Around the holidays, add some lights to your ladder. Check out other beautiful & simple holiday decorating tricks by Katrina & Mike here Display your favorite pretty blankets in any room in the home. See more beautiful rustic industrial home ideas by Ashley here I absolutely love this idea! Perfect for any room in the house! Add some wire baskets for simple storage for any room in your home! Check out how Kaily used her’s here […]


Sunday 7th of February 2016

How did you attach the baskets to the ladder? My ladder rungs are round & the baskets keep swinging. Hope you can help.


Monday 8th of February 2016

Hi Shannon, It looks like the rungs are rectangular, not round, on Kaily's ladder. I would think they would hold the basket in place better than round rungs.

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