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33 Bathroom Chandeliers to Start Dreaming About Now

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Bathroom chandeliers have a way of transforming ordinary spaces into luxurious and captivating retreats. (Just look at what DIY interior designer Mysha Bolen shares from her bathroom above!)

I’ve personally used these statement lighting fixtures to not only provide an additional source of illumination but also to serve as a stunning focal point.

From small bathroom chandeliers to grander classic, rustic, and modern styles, there’s a chandelier design just for you.

You’ll find options you can install over tubs, mini-chandeliers that are perfect for more compact bathrooms and countless others to consider you never knew existed.

Key Things to Know First

Benefits: Chandeliers can serve as a primary source of lighting or as a role-player in a layered lighting setup where accent and task lighting help light your bathroom.

Selection Tips: Functionally, choose a style that best fits how you use your bathroom. For example, choose options with smaller, concealed bulbs and install a dimmer switch for softer ambient lighting. For aesthetics, remember that the bigger the bathroom and taller the ceiling the more flexibility you have with fixture size and suspension length. Small bathroom chandeliers that are flush-mounted are best for small spaces and guest baths. 

Here are some styles to get you inspired. I’ll say this – they’re about to change the way you look at bathrooms forever!


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Small Bathroom Chandeliers

Don’t worry if you have a smaller bathroom – there are tons of options that will work well.

You can choose from materials like:

  • Crystal: for a touch of glamour
  • Metal: for an industrial or minimalist look
  • Glass: for a clean and contemporary style

Remember, even a small chandelier can make a big impact on your bathroom’s overall appearance.


Bathroom Chandeliers Over the Tub

Tub chandeliers can make you feel like a millionaire living amidst luxury, create a heart-melting romantic ambiance, or pour on the zen during your most pampered moments.

You just have to decide what’s most important to you!

A few of the most popular designs include:

Candle-style chandeliers:

Mimic the romantic glow of candles with a candle-style chandelier.

These chandeliers often feature multiple faux candle holders, creating a warm and sensual atmosphere.

Drum chandeliers:

For a more modern look, a drum chandelier features a cylindrical shade that diffuses light and provides a pleasant glow around your tub.

Waterfall chandeliers:

Make a statement with a multi-tiered chandelier that features cascading layers of crystal, glass, or beads, creating a stunning visual effect while you soak in your tub.

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