Wood Tag Valentine Wreath

Jaime from That’s My Letter took inspiration from Ballard’s wood beverage tags and totally ran with it! For this tag-inspired project, Jaime featured Valentine-themed words on small tags and then hot glued them onto a flat wreath form. How sweet is this {wink}?

Valentine's Day Crafts ~ I love this adorable Valentine's wreath made from little wood tags. So cute!

The original inspiration came from the Southern Living Set Of 6 Beverage Tags from Ballard Designs.

Southern Living Set Of 6 Beverage Tags

Go to That’s My Letter to learn how to make your own Valentine’s Day wreath.


  1. Thanks Beckie as always, very nice summary and my girl #2 has lovingly taken to hanging the wreath above her bed and reading (she’s in 1st grade) every word each night. Who knew it would be so educational?

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