Zinc Coffee Table

One thing Kelli from Restore Interiors felt was missing from her living area was a coffee table. She got a secondhand table from a friend that happened to resemble one from Pottery Barn with a zinc top. Kelli liked the idea of a zinc top but wanted it to have more of a vintage look than all shiny and new. Kelli experimented with “recipes” and really achieved the look of zinc in the end.

diy faux zinc tabletop

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Kitchen Table with Inlay Stencil

Ashley from Domestic Imperfection borrowed her sister-in-law’s old kitchen table to try out a new stencil that is designed to give furniture the look of popular bone inlay. While the process of arranging all the stencil pieces and lining up corners took Ashley what I’m sure felt like an eternity, it really makes for a […Read More]

Twine Wrapped Knob

Susan from Maple and Magnolia found some rope knobs that were the perfect finishing touch for side tables she had been working on. The problem? Susan didn’t feel like trekking out in the snow after them. Thank goodness for winter weather because it landed Susan on the idea of dressing up the original wooden knobs […Read More]

Metallic Table with Stained Top

A two-toned paint and stain finish has become one of my faves. I love this rendition from Becca at From Gardners 2 Bergers that shakes things up a bit by integrating another popular trend – metallic furniture! Becca turned a MDF side table that she was considering sending packing into a true Hollywood star. The […Read More]

White Gloss Table

Meagan from Craft Habit had been wanting to get a round white coffee table for her living room for some time. Since most of the options out there were really overpriced, she restored an old coffee table she had inherited from her grandmother using spray paint and a high gloss enamel. I love Meagan’s resourcefulness […Read More]

Revamped Nesting Tables

Jessica from Running with Scissors received a set of secondhand nesting tables from her sister and used them for about a year before deciding it was time for a change. The legs were falling off and they weren’t quite tall enough to work as side tables. Jessica built boxes to add height and function to […Read More]

Refinished Kitchen Table

Kristi from KrisKraft really loved the look of a reclaimed wood table from Restoration Hardware but didn’t have the extra cash to buy it. Instead she refabbed her existing table to have a lighter, more raw finish with some gray and walnut stain. I love how Kristi brightened the space with the lighter wood tone […Read More]