Large Clock from Tabletop

Ellora from Creatively Southern was inspired to turn an old tabletop into a large, functioning clock for her home office makeover. She says, “I’ve been searching for a large clock and finally found the look I wanted, but at a hefty price tag. Hefty like $279! . No way I can squeeze that in the budget no matter what excuse I come up with. So I made my own version of my favorite Pottery Barn clock for only $20!” That’s an extra $250 Ellora can put toward her room makeover. Don’t you love when you can DIY for so much less and, as a result, do so much more?!?

diy clock

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Colorfully Painted Wall Clock

Although timeliness may not be a strong suit for Morena of Morena’s Corner, she ironically has a thing for clocks. She writes, “Maybe I subconsciously think that if I have enough clocks around I’ll be on time for a change. Ha!” When Morena came across an eclectic clock with a fun mix of colors and funky numbers, she knew she could create her own. With the help of some stencils and new paint products from DecoArt, Morena now has a new clock with even more color and pizzazz than her inspiration.

DIY Colorful Clock

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Decorative Clock Face

Clocks aren’t just for telling time anymore. They’ve become staples in home decor and don’t even need moving parts to earn their keep. Angela from Unexpected Elegance shows just how easy it is to create your own decorative clock face using quilting hoops and wood sticks. It really was as simple as gluing and painting. And doesn’t Angela’s clock look amazingly like her inspiration?


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Painted Clock Makeover

When Jeanie from Create and Babble needed a clock for her kitchen, she went to the store and bought one. And brought it home and decided she really didn’t like it. Fast forward a year, and Jeanie knew it was high time the clock got a makeover. With a can of spray paint and the help of her Cameo, Jeanie turned the ugly clock into an accent piece she’s now proud to display on her wall.


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Rustic Wood and Leather Clock

With some wood and a clock kit, you can pretty much make your own rustic clock with ease. Michelle from Prudently Painted Vintage shows her unique take using leather for the numerals. The large wooden plate Michelle scored at Goodwill saved her the additional task of having to cut out a circle. I love how […Read More]

Faux Clock Face with Nail Trim

Erin from 3 Meadow Lake Cottage spied a gallery wall in a PB catalog that would be perfect for the large wall space behind her couch. One of the elements she wanted to include was a large vintage faux clock face. To this end, she grabbed a plywood circle from Lowe’s and got to work […Read More]

Beach Wall Shadowboxes

Charlie from Attempting Aloha created these shadowboxes with various beach items reminiscent of their home in Hawaii. (Jealous? Yes, me too.) I am all about a home being about the people who live in it, so I love the fact that this decor has some sentimental meaning. Charlie’s original inspiration was from the Shell Shadowbox […Read More]

Large French Clock

Desiree from Camelot Art Creations made this 3-foot clock using a pallet she pulled from a dumpster. Talk about resourceful! After a bit of painting and distressing, she added barn hinges for the clock hands. Best of all, this big ol’ clock cost Desiree only $3.78 to make! Desiree’s original inspiration came from the 5-Foot […Read More]