Christmas Chalkboard Pillow

Krista of The Happy Housie shares my love for pillows and loves how quickly and inexpensively she can switch up her décor for the seasons with a simple DIY pillow. For just a couple of dollars, Krista whipped up this chalkboard pillow that was inspired by Pottery Barn. She sewed a pillow cover from drop […Read More]

Star Votive Candle Holder

Ashley from Shanty 2 Chic was shopping through Pottery Barn’s catalog when she saw a large votive holder in the shape of a star that she loved. Just not at $129. Ashley knew she could easily make her own that she would love just as much but would cost her way less. This project actually […Read More]

Stocking Ladder Christmas Countdown

Last week I posted a picture of Pottery Barn’s new ladder advent on my Facebook page, asking who would be first to knock it off. Little did I know, Jamison from Rogue Engineer was already drawing up the plans! And would you believe it costs less than $20? That, my friends, is a bargain for […Read More]

Outdoor Painted Pumpkin Pillows

Nancy from Slightly Coastal loved Pottery Barn’s outdoor pumpkin pillow, but two pillows with shipping would run her about $100. Not happening! Nancy was later walking through the craft store when she noticed outdoor fabric was 60% off. The wheels in her head started turning, and Nancy headed home with 1.5 yards of fabric and […Read More]

Library Coffee Table

The girls from Shanty 2 Chic are such an inspiration when it comes to knockoff furniture pieces! Just check out this awesome library-style coffee table that Ashley built with plans from Ana White. This table combines both form and function with a generous tabletop for decorating and drawers for hidden storage! Ashley’s table was inspired […Read More]

“Give Thanks” Bowls for $1.50

Sydney from Tastefully Frugal found cute turkey bowls with the words “Give Thanks” inside at Pottery Barn Kids and knew they would be the perfect addition to her Thanksgiving décor. The only problem is that they were seven dollars a piece, which quickly adds up when you have to buy multiple bowls! Sydney instead hit […Read More]

Faux Succulent Wreath

Ashley from Simply Designing loves making a pretty wreath, and this faux succulent wreath is her latest creation. This DIY wreath is one of those incredibly simple projects that can be done with a hot glue gun. All you have to do is arrange faux succulents on a grapevine wreath form and then hot glue […Read More]

Clothespin Christmas Countdown

Well, it’s November, so that means we can officially start talking about Christmas. All the crafty folks out there know that you got to get your Christmas craft on early to be ready for the season. Especially with a Christmas countdown that needs to be ready to go by December 1st! Breanna of Brepurposed had […Read More]