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Turn Sheets into Ruffled Curtains

As soon as Sarah from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs saw a shower curtain and set of drapes from Anthropologie that were layered with gorgeous ruffles, she knew she had to have them. Or at least some similar since they were priced at over $100 for the shower curtain and $200 per window panel! Yikes! Sarah decided it was time to work on her sewing skills and created her own ruffled curtains using sheets. Sarah breaks down the steps with easy-to-understand visuals and also explains how she did it without sewing the entire piece.

anthropologie inspired ruffled curtains

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Pleated Sheet Curtains

If you’ve seen the prices on some of Anthro’s ruffly panels, you know I am not exaggerating when I say they are crrrazy expensive. How about we just drop one of those zeros off the $200 price tag? Following this tutorial from Amanda at DIY Til We Die, you can make not one but TWO panels for under $20! What’s the secret you might be wondering… Amanda used $4 sheets from Wal-mart, which allowed her to get plenty of fabric to sew these beauties without the expense!

anthro inspired pleated curtain

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