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Shadow Box Art that Brings the Outdoors In

Jacob from Home Tree Atlas really liked the shadow boxes from Restoration Hardware that display sea fans. With the right shadow boxes (thanks to IKEA) and fabric, he knew it could be done quite simply. Jacob says, “Next time I’m by the beach I’ll be looking for more decor pieces to frame – but for now, a walk around the neighborhood proved to be quite lucrative.” I love the classic black and white, but, like Jacob, think this nature art would be fun with a pop of color for a more modern and funky twist!

shadow box art

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Paper and Linen Wall Art

After staring at four blank dining room walls for over a year, Jessica from Stay at Home-ista was finally inspired to create her own artwork that would fill the walls but wouldn’t take a huge bite out of her wallet. Using frames from Ikea, linen, and handmade paper, Jessica managed to create four very large pieces  for less than $200. I love how the paper designs Jessica selected coordinate but all have their own flair. You’ll have to pop over to Jessica’s site to see all four!

diy paper and linen wall art

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