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Make a Lace Trim Mirror with Only Hot Glue

Cheryl from Snaps of Ginger recreated a beautifully detailed mirror from Anthropologie using only three materials for a grand total of ten dollars! Cheryl started off with a mirrored candle plate from Hobby Lobby, added some metallic gold trim with hot glue, and VOILA! You could easily use this technique to make a larger, eye-catching piece or create several small mirrors with slightly different designs to cluster together. They are so easy why not make a few???

gold lace mirror

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Thrifted Nut Bowl to Wood Slice Mirror

I know people often look at the things in thrift stores and garage sales and wonder what in the world it is and who would ever buy it. Like a nut bowl that looks like it was cut from a tree trunk. Where one person sees a strange, old nut bowl, a creative genius like Caitlin from the Desert Domicile sees an urban chic Anthropologie-inspired mirror. Caitlin took the $5 nut bowl and in just a few steps turned it into this amazing mirror that seriously gives the Anthro inspiration a run for its money. I love how Caitlin used one of her late grandmother’s Mexican woven belts so the mirror is not only stylin’ but meaningful.

diy wood slice mirror

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