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An Open Bookshelf for an Awkward Corner

Whitney from Shanty 2 Chic had an empty space between the couch and window in her living room that she was always struggling to fill. The answer? An open bookshelf design from Ana White that would provide the needed height without blocking the natural light. Whitney again busted out her power tools to whip up this bad boy for under $100. That’s $700 less than her Pottery Barn inspiration!

open wood bookcase

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Wood and Metal Aquarium Stand

Marie, a KOD reader without a blog, wanted to create a display shelf on a wrought iron aquarium stand she purchase online. A bookcase from Ballard offered just the look Marie was after, and she sought out the help of her husband to revamp the aquarium stand by adding two plywood shelves. I’ll let Marie take it away with the details…

ballard inspired bookcase aquarium stand

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Spinning Storage Shelf

In need of storage for her craft space, Jeanette from Country Design Style created a revolving shelf that has room to spare. Jeanette added her own flair by gluing various styles of trim to the top and bottom. I love how accessible everything is with this design. Instead of searching around in a cabinet or drawer, just give it a spin and craft away!

spinning craft storage

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