Paint Chip Lampshade

Here’s a project for all you paint chip-a-holics out there. (You know who you are…) Brittany over at Pretty Handy Girl shared on the CSI Project how she turned extra paint swatches into a lovely lampshade. After laying out her swatches and taping them together, Brittany used hot glue to attach them to her shade. […Read More]

Colorful Ruffles Throw Pillow

Mary from Bugglebee created this “plum peachy pillow” that is full of ruffled goodness. The hardest part of this project for Mary was driving around to craft stores to find enough orange, red, and purple fabrics that worked in her color scheme. I love me some bright, bold colors, and this looks fab with those […Read More]

White Letter Bin Organizer

We can all agree that the Daily System from Pottery Barn is pretty stinkin’ awesome, and for that reason, many of it’s components have been replicated by crafty bloggers everywhere. However, one piece that has been eluding us all is the letter bin. Thanks to Gina from Lady Goats the mystery is no more! Gina […Read More]

Modern Circles Wall Art

Take embroidery hoops and spray paint, and what have you got? Some modern wall décor of course! Sarah from Simply Sarah pieced together embroidery hoops in varying sizes to create artwork to hang above her bed. After hot gluing her circles in the desired arrangement, Sarah primed and painted them with nickel spray paint. I […Read More]

Homework Supplies Organizing Box

With school back in full swing, no doubt your kids have already begun bringing home their fair share of homework. Jaime from That’s My Letter has a great suggestion for keeping all those homework supplies in order. Meet the flatware homework storage box. With this nifty creation, your kids will have everything they need to […Read More]

White Two-Drawer Bedside Table

Kristen from Pink Toes and Power Tools has diligently been making over her daughter’s bedroom complete with built-in bookcases, a storage bed, and now a new bedside table. She wanted to go with a lighter look since the bookcases and bed are on the chunkier side visually and settled on Ana White’s plans for the […Read More]

Industrial Wire and Bulb Chandelier

Emily was thrilled to find a tutorial for a PB look-alike chandelier at Instructables after she’d been eyeing the original for quite some time. The look was achieved using ten Ikea Hemma lights which have a fifteen foot cord each. I really like the industrial feel of the bare wires and bulbs. This chandelier is […Read More]

Skateboard Themed Shelving

Brook from BeingBrook shares some super cool shelving sure to please your little skater dude. Brook says, “My 10 year old wanted a skateboard themed bedroom and I thought the perfect place to start was some skateboard wall shelves.  I looked around online but all the ones I found were really expensive plus we already […Read More]

Motivation Quote Wall Canvas

A teacher headed back to the classroom, Shirley from These Moments of Mine wanted to create a modern, motivational piece of artwork to inspire her students. The premade, “reach for the stars” type posters just weren’t going to cut it. Shirley nabbed a canvas on sale, painted it black, and then carefully applied her quote […Read More]