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Refinishing A Sideboard With Paint

Have there been times when you’ve acquired a piece of furniture that has seen better days, but you don’t want to simply sand and re-stain the wood? Jen from Thegirlinthegarage took an antique sideboard and updated it with paint to recreate an entirely fresh look.

After patching a small hole in the wood, she decided that paint and distressing the piece would not only make it look like new but it would also highlight the artistic detail on the sideboard. After priming the sideboard, Jen used a white chalk paint to cover the entire piece. She then sanded the sideboard to bring out all of the distinct features that make this piece unique.

A final clear top coat will protect the sideboard from use and keep it looking lovely for a long time. This is a clear instance of the potential beauty of a piece of furniture being realized with paint.

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