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DIY Freestanding Bookshelf Using Plumbing Pipe

There are probably places in your home that could use shelving for books and magazines, but often space is at a premium, such as at a bedside. If you need one more book and magazine storage place without using a lot of space, this freestanding bookshelf by a customer of is the answer you need.

One of the best features about this freestanding bookshelf is that you need little if any, building experience. A detailed supply list including cost is provided, and it is stressed that you will need a particular type of pipe and fitting in order to make this project work. There are also numerous diagrams explaining exactly how to assemble the shelving unit. Besides the pipe and fittings, the only other supply you will need is the wood for the shelves. Holes must be drilled into the wood shelving pieces in order for them to fit over the pipes properly.

Not only is this project useful, it is also beautiful in its simplicity.

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