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DIY Cat Box Furniture

Does your cat leave a mess of litter around the house? Would you like an enclosed area where kitty can not only do his business but eat and drink without making a mess everywhere?

Ty from MonoLoco Workshop may have a solution for the messy kitty in your life.

He has constructed a cat box that looks like a piece of furniture.

It holds the litter box in one end with a divider panel for the cat food and water in the front.

But wait a minute here…

You’re probably thinking that the cat food and water should be several feet away from each other at the very least…Why introduce the risk of contamination. Not to mention the fact that cats are clean animals and don’t want these two parts of their lives intermingled in the first place.

One fix for this would to simply NOT put a pass-through between the two compartments here. Just create a separate entrance for the potty area and have the one for the food on the opposite end.

Both segments would be contained this way.

That said…

Personally, I would keep the food and water outside of this box and in another location altogether. Then use the non-potty section for storage of fresh litter, food, extra bowls, etc.

I say this because I have more of an issue with figuring out how to conveniently and easily store bags and boxes of these things. So, a nice out-of-sight storage “box” is perfect!

Ty shows storage of fresh kitty litter inside the box, but moving that out, and placing the food and water bowl at the entrance will help kitty from contaminating his food and water.

This idea not only looks good but provides a much needed function for most households. A good idea to keep the kitty area of your home clean and organized.

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