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DIY Cozy Bookshelf/Chair Combo

Do you love to snuggle down in a cozy chair to read? Do you also love to have all your favorite books right at hand?  If this describes you or someone you love, then this genius project by Darko at is going to be one of your favorites.

Altogether, there are 15 steps for this project including a detailed list of supplies needed. Cutting guides for the wood used in each step are also provided. Each step is highlighted by photos that show exactly how to construct the project. Darko gives you the dimensions of the chair he made, but the size can easily be adapted to suit your own needs. He painted his chair a cheery blue, but any color or stain can be used to fit your decor. The bookshelf chair has two levels to store books and can hold up to 18 feet of books!

The only help Darko had was in the construction of the fluffy cushions which were custom fit to the dimensions of the chair.

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