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Pieced Pallet Wood Wall Art

Katie at On the Banks of Squaw Creek came to the rescue when her office building needed a large piece of art in its new kitchen area.

She used pallets from her farm to create this knock off of the Pottery Barn Painted Pieced Woodwork in custom sizes, custom colors, and for a custom price.

pottery barn inspired pieced wood wall art

Katie’s DIY wall art came in at just $34 for three large panels…

This is a major steal for these huge pieces that create a focal point on the wall, especially when compared to Pottery Barn’s $399 (a piece) price tag!

Project Tips

One technique Katie used at the end of her project was to cover the entire front face with a spray-on stain.

Staining the surface really enriched the overall appearance by created richer, almost darker, tones to each colored panel.

Then, she finished it all off with a polycrylic to make this wall art even more “high quality” looking.

Also, no nailing or stapling required. Katie just used some high quality Gorilla wood glue to keep all the piece secure.


The original inspiration came from the Painted Pieced Woodwork from Pottery Barn.

painted pieced wood art

Katie shares how she made this Pottery Barn inspired art at On the Banks of Squaw Creek.

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