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Round Up of Our 15 Favorite DIY Clocks

15 DIY Clocks

If you’ve ever visited a place like the south of France, you’ll know it’s beyond charming.

Every hour of the day and night, you might hear a local church or town square ring it’s bells and filling all the surroundings with distinct chimes.

You can’t help but wonder if that was how the villagers kept time before technology advanced.

My own home is decked out with an authentic, hand carved Swiss cuckoo clock that also sings on the hour.

But I’ve noticed that is the only “real” non-digital clock I own. So I hunted down our favorite DIY clock tutorials for some inspiration on classic clocks of every decor style.

Wondering how difficult it is to make a clock?

There are plenty of kits available that supply the main mechanism of a battery and the hands.

As for the numbers, the options are endless, or you don’t even need them at all!

Venture with me as we explore the creative ways our fellow DIY-ers have designed clocks for their home.

1. Huge Tabletop Wall Clock

This clock is seriously huge! It measures 3 feet in diameter and is a massive, stunning centerpiece to any room.

See it here:

Don't be fooled...this clock is 3 feet wide in diameter!

2. Old World Charm Clock

I love the white washed wood and Roman numerals on this wall clock.

This classic style matches so much, all that’s left is for you to personalize the stain to match your room.

See it here:


3. Every Garden Lovers Dream Clock

This adorable garden-themed clock would be a perfect fit for any patio, porch, or deck.

You can grow succulents in the pots or fill them with artificial plants for extra color.

Don’t forget to hit up your local garden center, Dollar Store, or yard sales for cute accessories like shovels and mini rakes.

See it here:


4. Modern Marble Clock

Marble is timeless and the lack of numbers makes this clock modern.

I can envision it in stream-lined bathrooms, near black shiny cabinets, above a boxy chair…you get the idea!

See it here:
faux marble clock

5. Vintage Alarm Clock

A bit of paint can upgrade any old clock. This beachy teal feels light and flowy and is sure to add fun to whatever room it’s placed in.

See it here:

Chalk Painted Retro Alarm Clock

6. Chalkboard House Clock

Have new neighbors? Welcome them to the neighborhood with this adorable clock shaped like a house!

Plus, the chalkboard finish means that your new neighbors can personalize the numbers and design completely to their taste.

See it here:

diy chalkboard house clock

7. Vintage Map Clock

Anyone with a flare for adventure or a longing of wanderlust deserves this clock.

The face is covered with a map, and you can DIY it with any area of the world you like.

Mine would be printed with as much of Europe as could fit on the face!

See it here:


8. Wood and Leather Clock

Calling all cowboys and bikers! These leather strip numbers are creative, simple to make, and clear to read.

See it here:

9. Ink Drawn Clock

Pull out your drawing skills for this DIY clock. This black and white design is hand drawn, meaning you can choose your ink color and background graphics.

See it here:

10. Plate Clock

Got an old plate? Then you can have a clock! The simplicity of the white plate and numbers is clean and appealing.

Don’t feel the need to keep this clock in the kitchen. It would look great anywhere!

See it here:

white ceramic wall clock

11. Tabletop Clock

Here’s another tabletop DIY clock. The large surface makes this an amazing design piece for buffet tables, mantles, or an open wall.

I adore how this clock features a gray finish plus a second hand.

diy clock

12. Modern Wood Rectangle Clock

Why stick with circles when you can use rectangles?

This twist is so fun with a long body and the hands hanging off the edge.

At first glance it felt mid-century to me. But the warm wood tones could certainly fit a rustic style, too.


13. Colorful Clock

Can’t decide if you want a clock to be white, or gray, or stained? Why not draw from the rainbow and paint a mosaic!

This blend of colors is spicy, yet the black and white numbers are still easy to read.

DIY Colorful Clock

14. Bike Wheel Clock

As a cyclist, I find this clock so unique! This would be the perfect clock to hang beside my bikes in my garage.

Wondering where to find a wheel? Wait until your child outgrows their bike and use that wheel!



15. Book Clock

This clock is so impressive and sure to be admired by all book worms.

Imagine how it would look on a bookshelf (that’s not meant to be a joke…the worn cover and gold hand would truly look amazing amid other colored books!)





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