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Summertime Decor Tip: Create Wooden Signs With Rolled Paper Flowers

Discarded wooden pallets can be found outside of many different stores and warehouses. They are used to hold crates, boxes, and other merchandise before it goes out onto the shop floor, and when the pallets get old and worn out, they are usually tossed out. This makes them prime craft material, after you clean them up and cut them down to size, of course.

Once you have your pallet and other materials, it’s time to start creating.

Patriotic Wooden Sign With Paper Flowers

This wooden sign with paper flowers is from The Craft Patch


Turn Your Wooden Sign Into An Inspiration

You can turn your wooden sign into a patriotic masterpiece, ready for summertime holidays like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day, or you can go in an entirely different direction. Picking an inspirational quote and designing your sign around it is one such idea. You can either use a stencil to add the letters, or, if you’re more confident in your crafting abilities, draw the letters on freehand in an interesting script. The flowers can be added to punctuate your words (imagine them dotting the “I’s” and adding a little whimsy to the crosses on your “T’s”) or you can turn them into a border that goes around the entire sign.

Celebrate A Special Occasion

Who says that you can’t give out handmade signs for special occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, the purchase of a new house, baby showers, and graduations? Since you’re personalizing the sign, consider adding names and dates to commemorate the occasion, using, as suggested above, a script stencil or hand lettering. These personalized gifts show that not only did you put some work into them, but you also care enough to make a hand crafted gift. Once you’ve added the personalized details, you can place your hand rolled paper flowers around them to create a border or add some punch to your words. The best thing about the flowers is that they’re as customization as your entire sign, so they can be any color. For example, if the wedding’s theme is lilac and white, you and paint the wooden part white, and add lilac colored flowers. You can do the same with graduation gifts – have the entire sign and its contents match the student’s school colors.

No matter your intention for the sign, what matters is the sentiment behind it – even if you only plan to display your newly bedecked sign in your dining room or family room. Putting some effort into something that is fairly easy to create, yet looks so nice, will make the entire process worthwhile.

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Create Wooden Signs With Rolled Paper Flowers

Tuesday 18th of July 2017

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