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Remarkably Rugged Pipe Shelf

Meredith from UnOriginal Mom shares with us a beautiful Pipe Shelf in her step by step tutorial. If you were thinking about pipe shelving, Meredith’s instructions and tips are worth reading and re-reading.

Aside from the obvious function this anything by traditional shelf takes several steps of planning. Not only will you want to do as Meredith did and tape on the wall where you want your shelf, you will want to draw out a picture of the piping needed as well. In her case Meredith’s husband had to add support bracing due to the fact their studs did not line up with their plans.

Proper planning will be the key to making this unique and decorative shelf unit. Say goodbye to the boring utility shelves that belong in a garage. Meredith’s imaginative design will look great and remain remarkably rugged for years to come.


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