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Word Art And Gallery Walls – Two Ways To Add Some Flair To The Rooms In Your Home

Boring walls are things of the past, thanks to the still-stylish gallery walls and word art. Both have been around for a while, but show no signs of losing popularity, most likely because both are extremely easy to create.

Word Art

You don’t need to be an artist in order to add some words to your walls. Looking at the ones done by experts or artists may be a bit intimidating, but perfect isn’t expected, and if you don’t think that you can create calligraphy on your walls by yourself, there are plenty of stencils available on the market that can help you.

No planning necessary, really.

No planning necessary, really, beyond the words that you want to use. The Budget Decorator

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As this example shows, all that you need is a list of the words or phrases and some paint. This one was done without using stencils or really any pre-planned designing.

The person who did it simply went to town on a wall with some black paint and paint brush. The “unplanned” style of this one really helps it stand out.

This one required a bit more work.

This one required a bit more work. The Budget Decorator

This designed required the use of stencils. Without them, the precise spacing and lettering wouldn’t have come out as well as it did.

While you can purchase wall stickers that resemble this saying, they limit you in as far as quotes and wording goes – you have to pick something that was already pre-made.

However, if you create your own stencil from posterboard, the sky’s the limit as far as quotes are concerned.

You don't even need to use paint!

You don’t even need to use paint! The Budget Decorator

This wall word art goes a step beyond the norm, thanks to use of metallic thumb tacks stuck into the wall.

This is a design that needs to be planned out ahead of time, since you can’t go back once you’ve started – and placing a thumb tack in the wrong spot will lead to some interesting drywall repairs.

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are a different beast altogether. They consist of a grouping of more than one framed picture or piece of art.

The best ones cover entire walls, practically from top to bottom, but you do have some leeway when it comes to the actual amount of wall space used.

Start here!

Start with this simple gallery wall rule. Style By Emily Henderson

This is the first step to a well designed gallery wall.

You can’t put up ten different 8 by 10 pictures in matching sized frames and have it expect to look right, even if you vary how they’re placed on the wall. You need to start with artwork and pictures of varying sizes.

Frames matter

The frames used matter as well. Style By Emily Henderson

Instead of using matching frames, you can create visual interest by using different ones.

However, this needs to be reigned in a little, as one wall covered in 35 different frames will look chaotic. Instead, use no more than 2 to 3 different types to balance things out.

It also helps to place the pictures on the floor at first and arrange them in a way that meets your expectations before hanging them on the wall.

The end result!

The end result! Style By Emily Henderson

In the end, you’ll have a great gallery wall that you can be proud of!

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