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At Home Anywhere Farmhouse Bench

More than good looking, a bench is very useful. Whether they sit next to a door, or at the end of a bed, a solid bench belongs in your home. A perfect design for Farmhouse decor, Suzy from Worthing Court, shares her plans and instructions to make one yourself. This project comes in two parts.

The first part includes making the bench, while the second is about the cushion. The cushion instructions are well written. Be sure to buy the green foam from your local craft supply store as it has a higher density. If you plan on using the bench it will not wear out as quickly as it would using white foam.

Another tip, use good quality batting. There is quite a difference in batting for quilts and batting for upholstery. Use the batting for upholstery. A good cotton weight home dec material is suitable for covering a foam cushion. Quilters cotton and any material that stretches is not suitable. If you are a beginner, I would suggest a small project like a step stool to get the basics down, and then move onto the bench. Otherwise, have fun, this bench will look great in your home.

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