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DIY Simple Elegant Book Decor

When you walk through some of the high-end home decor shops, do you end up with sticker shock when you see the prices on some of the decorative items that are in the room settings? Do you long to duplicate that look, but are too sensible to even consider the price? If this is you, then Natalie from natalme has been in your shoes and has come up with an inexpensive alternative to purchasing one of the items from the new craze of using old books.

All you need to complete the designer look for this project is a box cutter, some twine, and some old hardcover books. With excellent directions as well as photos, Natalie walks you through how to remove the cover of the old books as the first step. Cutting just the edge of the open book and not the page will result in the ability to cleanly remove just the cover.

Once this is done, stack your books and tie them up with twine and prepare to have an expensive trashed book look.

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Tuesday 3rd of April 2018

Love this look! Several years ago I bundled books in several stacks like that and placed them in my dough bowl.

Diana Lopes

Tuesday 6th of March 2018

I loath decoration where you ruin books, but in this case, I have lots of books that are already like this just because they're really old. So... works for me!

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