How to Age New Books

Riva from Uno, Dos, Tres Chic shares her secret for creating beautiful stacks of aged books like you see all through the pages of home décor catalogs. Riva’s process involves tearing the cover off of cheapo books, giving the binding and pages a special soak, and then “accessorizing” the books with a little wear and tear. Once dry, the books are ready to be tied and put out on display. You would never believe these were crisp, new books just a few days before!

aged books

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Old Book Bundles

Old books make great decorative accents and are seen throughout the pages of design catalogs. However, the simplicity kinda leaves you wondering how they can even charge for the cute little bundles. Décor Chick Emily tore off the pages from some old thrift store books and then tied them with string. I don’t think it gets any easier than that!

decorative book bundles

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