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Sherwin Williams Cityscape SW 7067 – A Sophisticated Gray on the List

sw cityscape paint color review

Grays are timeless! Grays are classic! Grays are beautiful!

That’s how I want to define grays in my life.

Well, I am sure – this is the story for all of you as well!

Who doesn’t like gray, right?

And by any chance if you don’t – this review is DEFINITELY for you.

You’re going to see how mesmerizing gray paint colors can be.

One such example of wall paint is Cityscape by Sherwin Williams. It is quite a popular neutral GRAY paint color with deep underlying green undertones.

Cool-toned, this color is definitely a must-have if you are looking for a moody environment in your home.

As you can see, it is a DARK color – which clearly means it has some hard and fast rules when it comes to painting.

cityscape bedroom sample

Sarah over at The Effortless Chic paints her bedroom walls in Sherwin Williams Cityscape

Don’t let your guard down with this one. I am here to guide you a way through to this color.

How, when, and where – Yes, all of that!

Cityscape has a perfect sophisticated touch to it that can look luxurious and elegant in most room conditions.

Also depending on your interior design style – this paint color can really do wonders.

So, are you on board with me on the journey of cityscape?

Let’s get your hands on it!

Sherwin Williams Cityscape SW 7067 Details and Specifications

cityscape swatch

Like I always say, every paint color has a STORY to tell!

And there is NO Color like the other.

Similarly, the details and specifications include the scientific and technical aspects of color.

Yes! That is IMPORTANT!

This information is what helps you decide when, where, and how to use the paint color.

And most importantly, with WHAT.

But I will talk about that later!

So, one of the most important terms here is Light Reflectance Value (or LRV) that you need to acquaint yourself with!

It is a value that helps determine how light or dark the color is.

Remember, higher the number – lighter the color, and lower the value – darker the color!

So, LRV for Cityscape is 22.

sw cityscape lrv

That means it is a mid-toned color that aligns more on the darker end but definitely not light!

Using this information, now we know how and where to use this paint color!

Now, if you want to try out Cityscape on your walls ahead of time, you can easily with a peel-and-stick square from Samplize. Give them a try now!

Moving ahead with the RGB and HEX Values, they help us know how the color was formed!

Red = 127

Green = 126

Blue = 129

HEX Value = #7f817e

You see, there is a lot out there behind the color theory and color specifications!

But I am not going to bore you further – let’s get on to the practical aspects of this color!

How Does Cityscape Feel in a Space?


As you can see in the above photo, this gray feels brighter in ample lighting conditions.

Cityscape is going to add a touch of luxe, comfort, and elegance to your space.

(Provided that you use it properly).

Due to its low reflectivity, the color may appear darker in the absence of natural and artificial light.

 So here is what you have to keep a note of: cityscape requires lighting of any form to make your space shine bright (not the actual bright)!

You can use this color for spaces that are medium in size.

Don’t worry – you could use it in smaller spaces too, as far as you are using this color as a piece of accent and focal!

This color is going to make you feel energetic any and every day!

Don’t think about using this paint color on all the walls at the same time unless you have a spacious room with a monochromatic palette!

How Does Light Affect the Color?

sw cityscp kitchen cabinets sample

You can see from Jennifer Allwood Home these painted cabinets are a perfect definition of classy and sophistication

Light has a major role to play here.

Remember, lighting is important to reflect the real tone of the color.

Cityscape in immense lighting can appear to be lighter to mid-toned gray whereas, in the absence of light, it can look like dark grey or almost blackish!

Most of the light falling on the surface is absorbed by the paint color whereas some of it is reflected away.

This color also easily absorbs the temperature of the artificial lighting used in the room!

So, depending on the warm-whites, whites, warm-yellows, and yellows – the color can seemingly advance its looks!

There have been some cases when it excess of natural light, this color has exhibited a deep and dark green color shade.

Want to see what Cityscape looks like in your own living space? Pick up a wall sample now from Samplize!

What are the Coordinating Colors for Sherwin Williams Cityscape?

paint deck colors

Cityscape is another synonym of royalty.

So, if you’re looking for colors to pair up with Cityscape, keep reading further.

I would highly recommend going for lighter shades to create a sense of harmony in your space!

You wouldn’t want to go TOO loud with this color and could try sticking to similar colors in varying shades.

For a monochromatic palette, take it subtle and light, like the following options-

  1. Argos SW 7065 (See my full Argos review here)
  2. Gray Matters SW 7066 (See my full Gray Matters review here)
  3. Tin Lizzie SW 9163
  4. Grizzle Gray SW 7068 (See my full Grizzle Gray review here)

This look is priceless, trust me!

Also, if you are going for a contrasting theme, try to add pops of shades!

  1. Lattice SW 7654
  2. Rhinestone SW 7656 (See my full Rhinestone rundown here)
  3. Outerspace SW 6251 (See more about Outerspace here)

pairing colors sw7067

In the recommended palette here, I used a shade of midnight blue, but you could also use bright yellow and red in the form of throw pillows and window treatments.

For trims and moldings, I highly recommend using SW Pure White or SW High Reflective White to further protrude your color scheme!

Cityscape Vs. Similar Colors

Even though you can’t find the exact same color as cityscape, but there are a few alternatives that you might want to consider.

They may vary in undertones – but in the end, will reflect and act like a cousin of cityscape.

Two main paint colors that are close in relation to cityscape are – SW Attitude Gray and SW Software.

Cityscape Vs. Attitude Gray

cs vs attitude gray

Sherwin Williams is a gray with deep green undertones that can be easily detected even without ample natural light.

Comparatively darker, attitude gray has an LRV of 20.

They both have a slightly cool-toned texture!

You can have some fun with contrasts here with Attitude Gray due to its mesmerizing look and sleek modern appearance.

Order a stick-on sample of Cityscape and Attitude Gray to see what works best in your home.

Cityscape Vs. Software

cs vs software

Lighter than cityscape, Software has an LRV of 23.

Although the major difference between the two is that software has deep blue undertones.

Hence, this also makes up to a similarity that both these colors have a cool-toned appearance.

For accurate results, I recommend picking real-time swatches and samples and observing them in daylight!

Since digital screens can be deceiving, I highly suggest you get some actual samples of these two colors from Samplize. Buy here!

Where to Use Cityscape in Homes?

Don’t stop using this color in your homes.

Whether you have a Modern Farmhouse interior design style, Contemporary, mid-century Modern, Eclectic, or glam – this style is definitely going to complement them all!

However, you need to consider the materials you want to pair this color with!

Let’s have a look at WHERE can cityscape be used!

Cityscape in Living Rooms

cityscp living room photo

Use this paint color in the form of an accent or focal wall point in your living room.

Whether you want to style the fireplace wall or use the adjacent wall in cityscape – make sure to pair it with lighter and brighter shades.

Use neutral-toned upholstery with either carpeting or hardwood floors.

To make the space lighter, you can use glass coffee tables for an airier feel!

Cityscape in Kitchens

cityscape kitchen transformation

The talented DIYer’s over at Mitten Mack show off their amazing kitchen makeover

If there is ample natural light in your kitchen – I must say why not?

However, neutralize the dark look with white upper and lower cabinets and white or off-white backsplash tiles!

To add a touch of character, use gold-tinted hardware and pull handles.

You could also do the reverse by letting the cabinets in cityscape and the rest in pure white or off-white colors!

Cityscape in Bedrooms

cityscape master bedroom example

Carla shows off on her blog Carla Astin Designs a focal wall in the bedroom

You can use cityscape in bedrooms as a focal wall behind the beds or the console.

Pair it with white bed frames, nightstands, and headboards to foster a balance in your bedroom.

For an added depth, you could also add patterned rugs and runners with contrasting throw pillows!

Cityscape in Exteriors

sw cs exterior example

Megan from Gamine Jean paints the home exterior walls In Sherwin Williams Cityscape and doors in Naval from SW

If you have a Victorian styled home – this color is definitely a go-to solution!

Don’t worry about how dark the color will look because trust me, it’s going to look lighter and brighter in ample natural light!

Pair it with stark white on moldings and door frames or do the absolute opposite if you want.

Any finished stone wainscoting is going to compliment cityscape shiplaps!

How to Best Sample This Color?

Here’s my favorite tip when it comes to testing out a color like Cityscape – go and order a peel-and-stick sample from Samplize.

This little company has nailed down the best way to sample colors much more easily. Simply stick on a 12″ x 12″ square instead of having to get a small can of actual wet paint on your walls.

For a few bucks you get a big enough sized sample to evaluate anywhere you want to “try” on a paint color and any possible coordinating hues you like.

It’s temporary, so move it around and test location and lighting options.

So, are you going to introduce cityscape in your homes? Do let me know in the comments below about your experiences!

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