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Kid’s Room Book Storage From An Old Dresser

Storing books and magazines can be a problem in an area with little extra space such as a bedroom. Katie from onthebanksofsquawcreek has come up with a great solution. She created this project as a solution to the large numbers of books in her children’s room, but it can certainly be adapted to any room in your house.

Katie’s idea was to use spice racks mounted on the sides of a dresser to contain all of the books. She gives a complete supply list of materials needed to mount the racks. Her directions for mounting the racks are clear and there are numerous photos to further illustrate the best way to create the book storage system.

Katie painted her spice racks to match the dresser she used, but they can be stained if you’re not a fan of painting. All the books are now easy to see and readily available.

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