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Create A Patio Table With Subway Tiles

Outdoor furniture generally doesn’t get the love and attention indoor furniture gets. Most of us just get by with the old stuff year after year. If you just can’t look at the weathered and worn furniture another year, check out this subway tiled table from Jen at tatertotsandjello to see how she transformed her old table into something really special.

Jen started by screwing a thin sheet of plywood onto the top of the old table, and she added molding to the edges. Jen then decided on the layout of the subway tiles on the top of the table so she could determine which tiles needed to be cut for the design to work. Jen gives lots of tips on how to cut tiles so they don’t get chipped and broken. Once she had the tiles ready to go, she applied adhesive to the wood with a trowel. After drying overnight, the table top was ready for grout.

After the tiles were grouted and cleaned, she had a brand new piece of outdoor furniture.

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