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Functional and Fun Twin Bed

Does your child need a new twin bed? How about a place a place to store all his or her toys? Corey from Hey There, Home has the perfect solution to combine necessity with function. Using shelving from Ikea, she built a bed frame around it making a sturdy structure ready for years of use.

The Ikea shelves are what really sets this storage bed apart though. They are made from real wood and allow different sized bins to be added or removed. You are not stuck with a one size fits all storage bin system. Her pictures and good tips will help you be successful when making your own. One tip lets us know that Home Depot will pull your order and have it ready if you order online.That is a huge time saver when you are excited about getting a project started.

This combination bed and storage frame will be a delight to your child. Did you see the rock climbing rocks at the end of the bed? I missed it the first time looking at the picture, but her little boy really seems to love that addition. A cool bed that is function and fun. Great job Corey.


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