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Vintage Inspired Display Frame

Who else stores items passed down to them in an old box? It is time to go get them, blow the dust off, and hang them up. Gail at My Repurposed Life has the right idea on how to display these items to show off in your home. She makes a basic frame from a pallet and then adds backboards.

In her case, she is displaying antique tools, but you may have vintage sewing supplies, pictures, or other collectibles that would work well on this frame. If you don’t like yours to look to rustic, you can sand and paint the pallet boards. If rustic is more your taste, you can always add more rusty items like hinges.

Whatever your decor, this display board is a novel idea and will make a great conversation piece as well. Time to go find those family treasures and get them on the wall for everyone to enjoy.


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