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DIY Wood Pedestal Table

A round pedestal table has an elegant timeless beauty, but it can also reflect our modern taste. If you look at Cara’s table from builditcraftitloveit you’ll see how she designed and created a round pedestal table that she uses outdoors.

Cara provides a complete supply list for this project as well as free printable plans to complete the table. The photos are detailed and clearly illustrate each step of the process of building this table. The base of the table is constructed from wood, and there are complete cutting instructions in her tutorial. She also gives us information on the gray/brown stain she used to finish the wood.

The round top of the table in this tutorial is made of concrete. Although there are no instructions within the tutorial on how to create the top, Cara provides a link to another tutorial that gives full directions on making a concrete top that will fit the base from this tutorial.

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