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DIY Turn A Dresser Into A Bench

We can all use more seating in our homes, but when we can create more seating with extra storage, that’s a real plus. Brooke from startathomedecor shows us how she turned an old dresser into a beautiful and functional bench with extra storage under the seat.

The dresser Brooke started with was in terrible condition, but it was made of oak and had a sturdy frame, so she set to work creating a brand new piece. She began by removing the top of the dresser as well as the drawers and dividers. She then cut the dresser down to the size she wanted. After adding some decorative molding to a drawer, she sanded, primed and painted everything.

To give even more character to the bench, Brooke added a brown glaze to the piece, making the detail really pop. Finally, a protective clear finish was added. Another option would be to add a comfy cushion with a coordinating cover to the bench.

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Friday 16th of March 2018

Thank you for sharing my bench!!

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