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DIY Window Frame Into A MIrror

Old window frames can be had for a song, but what do you do with a beautifully shabby frame? Brooke from anastasiavintage has the perfect solution for you.

She explains in her tutorial how to create an attractive, welcoming and useful piece of wall art from an abandoned window frame. This simple project can be adapted to any size frame you may have and would be beautiful just about anywhere. After sanding, priming and painting the frame, Brooke used an electric sander to distress it. One of the best parts of this tutorial is Brooke’s explanation of how to glaze the wooden frame to retain its original patina. Finally, Brooke explains in detail how she secured the empty window panes to the frame.

Finally, the new pieces of mirror were placed face down onto the frame from the back, and she then added a bead of silicone around each mirror to make sure it firmly adhered to the frame.

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