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Upcycled Sewing Machine Table

It is not too often you see this type of table for the Singer sewing machine. Typically they came by train in a wood crate and included a treadle to operate the machine. This one is quite unique in the fact that the user did not have a place for their knees while sewing. This makes this an odd table and not quite functional for a seamstress. Colleen from Life on Kaydeross Creek made it into a wonderful side table with her creativity and elbow grease.

After removing the machine and replacing the top, Colleen reluctantly made the decision to paint the box. The hardware was sanded down and cleaned, but still added a very rustic appeal to the table. The fact that it is on casters makes this even more appealing with the ability to move it into any room.

The table at that point becomes versatile and a valuable addition to modern farmhouse or rustic decor.

A great find Colleen !!

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