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French Design Clock From Repurposed Dresser Drawer

A clock on the wall can be a decorative as well as a functional item. Kendra from creativeambitions has created the perfect blend of beauty and function with her drawer to a clock makeover.

Because she used an old drawer to start with, this project doesn’t have specific dimensions – your clock can be small or large depending on the drawer you choose to convert. Kendra started this project by decoupaging the clock face on the back side of the drawer. The next step is to carefully glue the numbers on the clock face. Once this was done, Kendra adorned the clock with extra wood trim and glued on several wood appliques. She also added a fabric ruffled skirt to the finished clock which gives it a distinctly feminine look.

A piece of molding would make the project look more gender neutral, but no matter how you choose to finish your clock, it will be a welcome addition to any room of your house.

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