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Reclaimed Wood Buffet IKEA Hack

Aniko from Place of My Taste was perusing West Elm online when she came across a reclaimed wood buffet that she simply HAD to have. Just not at $1,199! Aniko already had a white buffet from IKEA and headed to a local pallet business to score some wood for a makeover. She cut the wood planks to fit the cabinet doors, attached them with screws, and then stained them. How gorgeous is this buffet? I love a good IKEA hack!

IKEA Hack Reclaimed Wood Buffet inspired by West Elm

Aniko was inspired by the Reclaimed Wood and Lacquer Buffet from West Elm.

Reclaimed Wood and Lacquer Buffet from West Elm

You can find all the steps to give an inexpensive buffet a reclaimed look at Place of My Taste.

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Wednesday 7th of March 2018

Wow! It looks amazing, I love this idea.

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