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Turn A Vintage Window Into Wall Art

If you visit flea markets and thrift stores, you’ve probably noticed that you can often find old windows with rusting hardware and chipped paint. Have you ever admired these windows but had no idea what to do with one if you took it home? Brooke from anastasiavintage brought home an old window and created the most amazing wall art from it.

The window Brooke worked with had chipped paint on it which was perfect, but the paint was not the color that would work with her decor, so she explains how she changed the color of the paint and then distressed it so it still had the vintage look she was going for, but now it fits in with her decor. Once the frame was painted, Brooke then purchased scrapbook papers from her local craft store that looked like aged maps. She then mounted those papers behind the glass panes.

The end result has a beautiful and unique vintage vibe that is perfect to dress up a blank wall.

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