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Well Constructed Farmhouse Console Table

A modern farmhouse decor needs furniture that adds to the overall theme.

This truss console table from Cara at Build It Craft It Love It will certainly add to the farmhouse feel in your home.

She calls it a slim table because it is less than 12″ deep. If you have a small hallway this may work in that area.

The overall design is seven feet long, which will allow you to display a large variety of cherished items.

The console table instructions are included along with pictures of the construction so that you will be able to see how the table goes together.

If you are not familiar with working with power tools have an experienced woodworking friend help you.

The table will be quite sturdy due to the boards used in construction. If you plan on having heavy decor items on this there should be no need to worry.

This well-constructed truss console table will certainly add a decorative element to your farmhouse decor.

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