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Easy To Do Console Makeover

Having your furniture match your decor sometimes requires simply a fresh coat of paint. Shelley from House of Smiths shares how she salvaged a side table and added it to her home. The table was originally brown and to match her shabby chic decor, Shelley painted the table white.

Do you have a table hanging around that does not seem to fit your decor? Take a look at it and try to imagine it in another color? Shelley sanded down the edges to give it a worn look and then began to accessorize. The lamps you see in the picture did not come with those shades. Again, Shelley changed out the shades to get the look she wanted. The lamps draw attention to the table and are set to a timer. The lights will come on in the evening and add a soft glow to the room. This project only required a fresh coat of paint and accessories. Very simple, but a wonderful addition to any decor.

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