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Re-Use Dresser Drawers To Create Wall Shelves

We usually think of wall storage as being cabinets of some sort, but Monica from Eastcoastcreative shows us a unique way of creating wall storage that is decorative as well as useful.

Her idea for re-purposing old wooden drawers into charming shelves couldn’t be simpler yet more effective. The first step in this project is to paint the drawers. The insides and outsides can be painted in contrasting colors, or you can even use paper decoupaged on the drawers if you chose to. Next, you will attach the drawers to the wall using shelf brackets. Small drawers will be fine with one bracket, but large or wide drawers should be attached using two brackets.

Your final step is to figure out the best layout on the wall for your drawers. They can be mounted with the handles to the side or on the top, or you can vary them to suit your creative needs.

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