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Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Furniture, Part 2: Tables

diy outdoor furniture tables

This summer we want to inspire you to create your own furniture so you can thoroughly enjoy your backyard and garden! Part 1 of this series was all about seating: lounge chairs, benches, and sofas. This post covers DIY outdoor tables. But not just plain and simple ones, we include dining tables, both standard and bistro style, coffee tables, and side tables too. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Dining Tables

If your outdoor space allows for a dining table, you should definitely have one! There is nothing better than watching the sunset as you finish your freshly grilled meal surrounded by friends and family. And don’t forget about enjoying cold drinks and ice cream out there as well! Although a table is a large piece of outdoor furniture, it’s not as big of a project as you might imagine.

Whether you go for a standard style (like #1 or #4), something sturdy with a concrete/marble/granite top (like #3), or something a bit fancier (like #2 with a pallet wood designed top or #5 with sawhorse legs), your outdoor patio, deck, or lawn will look complete with an outdoor dining table.

BONUS hint: Don’t lanterns and candles look perfect on these tables?! Make your own DIY rope lantern, picture frame lantern, burlap and jute lantern, or a rustic wooden one!

outdoor lantern

Bistro Tables

Is your patio not quite large enough for a full table? Good thing bistro tables are just as easy to design, yet smaller! Whether you opt for bar height, or a simple table for between 2 chairs, a bistro table could be the solution for you. Grab pallets or wood for this simple project. Want to be even more adventurous? Find a unique table base, like the base of a lamp (#4), an old piece of metal, or even a large bucket! Add a glass, wood, or tile top. Ta-da! Enjoy your cute little outdoor bistro table that you built all by yourself!

Coffee Tables

Lounge chairs and sofas make your outdoor space functional as another living room. But when you’re relaxing in the great outdoors of your backyard, you’ll need a place to throw up your feet or set a tray of snacks. Your coffee table could be chunky wood (#1), concrete topped (#2), a layer of pallets (#3), an x-frame base with a tiled top (#4), an old jumbo tire covered in rope (#5-my favorite!), or a storage box that doubles as a coffee table (#6). Obviously the options are endless depending on your space, design style, and needs. Combining 2 pallets is a quick and easy DIY, while a concrete topped table could take you a bit more time. Which one do you like best??


Side Tables

Perhaps you don’t want a coffee table clogging up your seating area.That’s understandable! But you and your guests will still need something to hold drinks and snacks. Therefore, a side table is a smaller yet still functional option. These tables often include a bottom level of storage too, which is handy for coasters, candles, and bug spray. A basic wooden design is sleek (#1), or pavers on top for added durability (#2), or concrete for a sturdy feel (#4). Want to keep things quick and simple? Then try #3, a metal bucket turned into side table!


Summer is made for endless nights under the stars! Although that’s enjoyable in and of itself, the evenings could be even more enjoyable with a place to dine and lounge. These DIY outdoor tables are the solution to your backyard space! Craft a large dining table to fit your slew of family and friends. Make a quick and easy side table or coffee table to enjoy the nights with drinks and snacks. Limited on space? Then opt for a bistro table instead.

What kind of outdoor furniture have you created? Do you have an outdoor furniture DIY to share with us? Check out post #1 in this series, Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Furniture, Part 1: Seating, or leave us a comment below!

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