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18 Dazzling Designs Using Paint Sticks


Paint stirrers are nifty little things! They were created to stir paint, but they also make an excellent craft supply.

They’re wood, which means they’re versatile. But they are easy to cut, glue, screw, stain, and paint.

Did I mention that they are free? Yep, head to your local hardware store to pick a few of these freebies and get crafting!


Centerpiece Baskets

This adorable little basket would make an elegant centerpiece on every table.

It’s quick to assemble and matches virtually any decor. Not a fan of the stain? Paint it instead.

Fill your basket with flowers in Spring, leaves or gourds in the Autumn, or pine cones for Winter.


A Bushel Basket

Fall is the favorite season on so many people (my husband being one of them!).

Apples and colorful leaves signify this fresh start. So, I love the appeal of this bushel basket. It seems old and rustic, yet it’s brand new!

Line it with burlap and you’re ready to fill it up.


Trash Can

It seems like there are never enough trash cans in the world (especially when you need to ditch some garbage!)

This DIY can is made from an old lamp shade frame and (you guessed it…) paint sticks! If you have little ones, this would be an excellent project that they could decorate all their own (pull out the smocks, plus paint, markers, glue, jewels, buttons, etc.!).


Wall Art

DIY Sign

Have a favorite phrase or inspirational verse that’s near to your heart?

Design a simple pallet-like frame using paint sticks, then paint your words in fun colors and unique fonts.


Patriotic Flag

The American flag is for more than just the 4th of July! Don’t forget about Veterans Day (November 11), Labor Day (first Monday in September), Armed Forces Day (third Saturday in May), voting/inauguration day, and any of the President’s birthdays.

That means that fly this simple paint stick flag more than once per year!

Hang it on your front door, mailbox, or wall for the perfect patriotic touch.


Stars and stripes, right? Create a paint stick star to match your paint stick flag and hang them on the same holidays.

Stars also make a great display during the Christmas season. This tutorial shows how to create one large star, a small star, or two large stars stacked together for double the points.



The arrows add a Bohemian, Native American, whimsical twist to any room. Place above a doorway to inspire wanderlust or above a baby’s crib for sweet dreams.

Feel free to let your creativity flow by designing your own arrowhead and feathers from paint sticks.

Double the arrowhead width, add a second arrowhead, or double the feathers. Paint or stain to best match your room.


Sunburst Mirror

Good bye plain ol’ mirror! Hello sunshine! Spice up an average mirror with an array of paint sticks in varying lengths.


Collage Art Frame

I’m personally not always a fan of modern art, but this piece is amazing!

It combines the color scheme of your room and pulls out the time period as well. Old country = weathered, washed paint colors. Modern = patent finish. Traditional = flat paint.

Placing it in a frame with glass completes the look, but a raw product would add style to any wall, too!


Christmas Trees

Although these trees are designed specifically for Christmas, the style could be modified for any season.

Simply cut up your paint sticks into varying lengths and assemble in a tree-shape onto a dowel. Ta-da!

These trees host the names of Jesus. But, if making one for Fall, replace those words with “leaves” or “Autumn.” Winter could read “snow” or “ice skating.”

The combinations of words, paint colors, and base blocks are endless!



Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve stepped foot into a house that doesn’t display some sort of monogrammed letter.

Adding nuts and bolts to the paint sticks creates the letters and adds an industrial look.

If you’re not a fan, add buttons, flowers, or another embellishment to cover up the hardware.


Party Backdrop

Ditch the streamers and use paint sticks instead! I love how this backdrop claims 4 simple colors or varying shades, with an random design of lengths.

Personally, I would paint one side a “girl” color and the other a “boy” color. That way your backdrop will match the gender of the birthday person.



Bookshelf Facelift

Every bookshelf seems to have a plain-Jane side. Attach paint sticks to the sides for texture and a one-of-a-kind surface to design as you please (diamonds, stripes, plaid, etc.).



This is the remedy for that old, beat-up table you just inherited!

Resurface it with paint sticks. The nightstand (below, left) added solid, stained stripes of paint sticks to the side.

The side table (below, center) was spruced up with a herringbone pattern on top. And the end table (below, right) used varying lengths of paint sticks painted in the rainbow to add flare to their room.


Since when have paint sticks been so attractive?

This lamp had a boring plain shade. But paint sticks transformed it to a beautiful, stained wood shade!

Imagine this beauty over your dining table or beside your favorite chair.

Note: It doesn’t have to only be a hanging light, this technique would also work for a table or floor lamp!



Hanging Flower Box

Welcome your guests to your home with a quaint hanging flower box!

This is easy to assemble and bears such a unique shape that it’s sure to grab your visitor’s attention. Hang it on your porch, patio, or even inside.


Outdoor Planter

Large planters seem so expensive. Make this DIY planter that is budget friendly and made with paint sticks!

How would this piece look along your driveway or in your backyard?


Windowsill Flower Box

Have no fear, the perfect windowsill flower box is here!

Pick out paint colors to coordinate with your flowers, paint your paint sticks, and assemble. I love the overhanging edges and long, skinny box shape.

It’s so simple that you’ll want to make more than just one!



Paint sticks are budget friendly (free!) and versatile. They can create items for your porch or garden, for your walls or furniture.

Compile a collection of paint sticks and let your creative juices flow!

What will you create next? On my list is the paint stick lampshade and the centerpiece box!


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