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From Crib To Bench a Versatile Solution

What do you do with a beautiful crib that has outlasted its original purpose? As with most cribs, they are still sturdy pieces of furniture, and carry sentimental value. Many of us just cannot bear to see a crib go after raising several children with it. Thankfully, Medina from Grillo Designs shares our sentiment.

She has come up with a creative solution to keeping the crib and giving it a new life. She transformed her crib into a bench. With detailed instructions and some basic tools Medina shares how to re-use parts of the crib to make the bench.

You may want to add a cushion to yours for a comfy surface. The bins at the bottom will provide storage space for books, clothes, and toys. Good news now that we don’t have to throw away our cribs. Thanks to Medina we can keep them as functional pieces of furniture and pass them down to family members as their children grow. A win-win for everyone.

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Creative Ways to Reuse Baby Cribs

Tuesday 3rd of October 2017

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