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DIY Drawer Wall Organizer

More space to organize all sorts of things is something we all need in our homes. When we can create an organizer from old bits and pieces, it’s even better than buying something new. Lindsay from mycreativedays shows us how she took some old drawer fronts and created a rustic and useful wall organizer.

DIY Drawer Wall OrganizerIn a genius move, she cut down the drawer fronts and mounted the scrap pieces to create small bins. The small bins then were adhered to a long piece of reclaimed barn wood to build the wall unit. Although Lindsay used the unit she created in her bathroom to corral all of her necessary personal items, this piece would be equally at home in the kitchen, the office or even in a kid’s room.

Part of the charm of the piece comes from the rusty drawer pulls and old wood. Sometimes choosing to not paint over old wood is the right thing to do to fit into a rustic decor.

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