Upholstered Headboard with Embroidered Monogram

Angelica from Once Again, My Dear Irene took her daughter’s run-of-the-mill slatted wood headboard and transformed it into a chic and upscale one for only $13. Angelica went on a repurposing spree by wrapping the existing headboard with batting and foam and lastly fabric from a grey shower curtain that was no longer in use. She even managed to fabulously pull-off the embroidered monogram – and by hand no less! Angelica asks, “Does this headboard look like I spent only $13 on it?” I think we all know the answer to that {Wink}!

upholstered headboard with monogram

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Eclectic Gallery Wall with Golden Arrow

Melissa of The Happier Homemaker added on to her eclectic gallery wall with an arrow she crafted from a dowel and clay. Once the pieces were dry, Melissa finished off the whole shebang with liquid gilding and then some paint to add depth and dimension. I love the character this adds to the wall!

arrow wall decor

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Family Heirloom Herb Garden Box

I absolutely love growing my own herbs. There’s nothing quite like bruschetta made with freshly picked basil. Yum! Melissa from Two It Yourself created her own herb garden box from an old toolbox that her late grandfather built. I love how Melissa revamped it slightly to meet her needs and now has this special memory of her grandfather. I can’t think of any better décor than that!

diy herb garden box

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Craft Room Storage–Baskets with Number Labels

Ribbon, paint, stickers, stamps… When it comes to craft rooms, storage is a must! As Andrea of Personally Andrea says, “In a perfect world being creative should be fun and productive. Sitting in and staring at a disorganized mess is neither of those.” You won’t find a disorganized mess at Andrea’s house thanks to her freshly organized craft supplies. Andrea added interest to simple baskets with DIY number tags and shipping labels to easily identify the contents. With this system, everything’s hidden away, but you can quickly find what you need without pulling out each bin.

craft room storage

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Display Your Favorite Photos on DIY Picture Ledges

The Pin Junkie has been honing her photography skills and wanted a place to display some of her prized shots. The clean, modern look of Pottery Barn’s ledges fit the look she wanted, just not the budget! This creative gal decided to simply build them herself – for $13 instead of $59. In addition to saving some serious dough, I love how these DIY picture ledges allow you to customize the length and color to fit your space to perfection.

diy photo ledges

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Peace and Love Heart Jewelry Dish

Are you all set for Valentine’s Day tomorrow? If you need a last-minute gift idea or just can’t get enough hearts, check out this jewelry dish Bonnie from Uncommon Designs made. All this simple project comes down to is paint! She says, “I love it when something you make that is cute is also oh so functional.”

peace heart jewelry dish

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Paint Your Own Chalkboard Frames

Arien from One Krieger Chick came across a chalkboard frame in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and immediately thought, “How easy would that be to make!” As easy as a couple of coats of chalkboard paint – that’s how easy! I love how Arien had her boys write their own names on the frames for a personal touch. Now she has wall art in her living room and pictures of her darling boys to boot!

chalkboard frames

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Vintage Cutting Board to Pedestal Transformation

Jamie from Anderson & Grant has “a special place in [her] heart for vintage cutting boards, wooden boxes, barnwood…..it all has so much character.” It was for this reason Jamie just couldn’t walk away from a vintage cutting board she found in a consignment shop. Jamie was inspired to add wooden legs to the board and turn it into a wooden pedestal like she had seen from Pottery Barn. Jamie says, “While the Pottery Barn version is great, mine has the natural, worn character that only time and use can create on an old piece of wood!”

cutting board pedestal

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