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Rustic Wood Floating Shelf {IKEA Hack}

A couple of weeks ago I shared how Corey from Sawdust 2 Stitches performed a DIY miracle by turning a cheapo set of cubbies from IKEA into a Pottery Barn inspired apothecary cabinet. Well, she’s up to her old tricks again!

This time on Remodelaholic, Corey shows you how she turned an IKEA ledge into another Pottery Barn look-a-like.

All Corey did was cut a few pieces of wood to fit around the IKEA shelf, hiding all the cheapo laminate but still utilizing the bargain floating shelf and hardware. The girl is pure genius!

pottery barn inspired floating shelf

Shelf Defined

So, what is a “Lack Shelf” anyway? Well, it’s just IKEA’s version of a floating shelf.

You basically mount a bracket to your wall, then simply tighten down the one-piece shelf to the bracket.

It’s IKEA simplicity at its fullest. From the installation to the look. But this project is all about taking that look up a level. Still simple but a much nicer look.

And not just the look structurally. Because Corey ensured all of the visible wood pieces she added are stained, she’s able to match into her existing decor.

Let’s face it, the cheapo laminate look is not what Corey (and probably you!) are after. That said you can’t beat the savings of buying the Lack shelf from IKEA and using the brackets.

The Essential Steps

Nailing shelf pieces

Follow Corey’s steps to cut the new rails for the shelf, including the nice angles for the mitre effect.

Then sand and stain in the color of your choice. Once dry, you’ll glue and then nail them to the Lack shelf. A nail gun would be perfect, but you could tack them in with some short nails.

A Couple Tips

As you’ll see from Corey’s instructions, this project is intended to mount the shelf up high above your head height. This allows her to not have to change the color of the top of the shelf. The side piece that get nailed around will obstruct the view as well.

But what if you want to put your shelf down a little lower? Or you have an elevated loft area or stairway that looks down on it. You don’t want to see the top of the shelf, it’s “cheap” lamination in all it’s IKEA glory.

You can try using a “gel stain” on top of the laminate says Corey. She also suggests a paint color that is closely matched.

In the end it may not be a big deal if you have enough decor items adorning it. They may hide and create enough shadows so it won’t be a big deal.

If you have a concrete wall you’re going into with this shelf, try Tapon screws.  These are prefect for masonry applications, and even come with the right drill bit you need for pre-drilling.

This is similar to the Rustic Wood Shelf from Pottery Barn.

rustic wood shelf

Head on over to Remodelaholic for all the details and get your inspiration on for this perfect little knock-off!

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