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Adorable Bookshelves for Children

1. Ledge Shelf

Book ledges are very easy to make in any length you choose. Keep the width of the shelves less than 100mm for the best support.

Using pine, MDF, or plywood, you can have the pieces cut to size at the lumber mill to safe you time.

Use a biscuit joiner or screws and wood filler to secure the shelf together.

2. Rain Gutter Shelf

How cute is this? By purchasing a few segments of vinyl rain gutter and end caps, you can easily (and cheaply) transform your little one’s wall into a beautiful book gallery.

Have the gutter pieces cut to size right at your hardware store.

*Tip you may be able to purchase scrap gutter pieces from your local hardware store at a discounted price.

3. Dr. Seuss Pallet Book Shelf

You can help the environment, save money, add storage, and decorate your child’s room all in one (or two) cuts with this adorable Dr. Suess-inspired pallet book shelf.

Simply cut the pallet down to your desired size, then sand, and stain or paint.

Attach with long screws into studs to keep little hands from ripping them down.

4. Book Bin

Photo: Book Bin

While the book bin pictured here from This Little Street was built from scratch, we think you could make an equally adorable version using an old dresser drawer.

Simply attach the legs, add dividers, and line the inside with paint or wall paper. What do you think?

5. Storage Bin Book Shelf

Photo: Box Shelf

Paint several storage bins in bright colors and stack on top of each other. Attach using screws or wood glue.

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