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10 Simple DIY Projects to Make Out of Those Extra Pallets You Have Laying Around

1. End Table

Even with adequate and functional seating and a coffee table, no living room is complete without a matching end table or two. Made entirely from scrap pallet wood, this end table is rustic, yet beautiful.


2. Pallet Headboard

Turn a couple of ordinary-looking pallets into a remarkable headboard. This head board was sanded and stained so that the natural grain of the wood would shine through. Shelves and shadow boxes were added for function and form and the slats were left open to accommodate lighting and wires.

3. Picnic Table and Benches

If you have 6 or so extra pallets laying around, you can create this simple picnic table with matching benches. The benches were assembled by cutting three pallets in half, trimming the excess, then glued and toenailed together using 3″ decking screws.

4. Wine Rack

Photo: Wine Rack

Simple wine rack made from scrap pallet pieces.

5. Coffee Table

The opening sides of pallets make the perfect storage space for magazines and remotes. Use extra scrap from scrap pallets to fill in the gaps and then add LED lighting for a modern look.

6. Book Holder

Trim the excess off of a couple of pallets then sand and paint. Lay flat on the ground and these pallets become the perfect display holders for your children’s precious books. What a great idea for displaying books at a garage sale or flea market.

7. Swing Bed

Photo: Swing Bed

Attach two pallets together and suspend from a tree for a relaxing swing bed.

8. Adirondack Chair

Create this beautiful, yet simple Adirondack chair out of a single pallet. Follow these step-by-step instructions at Instructables.

9. Stair Shelf

You can create this interesting stair-shaped shelf out of a recycled old ladder and a few pieces of scrap pallet wood.

10. Bedroom Set

This entire bedroom set, including bed frames and nightstand, was made from pallets and pallet wood. Sand the pallets well and remove any excess pieces. Paint or stain for a nice natural look.

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